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All Wrapped Up

All Wrapped Up

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As a reminder of where we are during any point in time. As every time you look at this piece I invite to think about the title, All Wrapped Up, and the two options:

1 - are you all wrapped up in your bullshit, too wrapped up in the moment, in your work, in your lover, in your habits, in your addictions, or just your excuses? Is it choking you yet?

2- Are you allowing the winds of change to move the fabric of your life, in perfect flow, organically twisting and turning into the world, dancing with the wind, spiraling into the perfect afternoon?

Use it as trigger, use it a reminder during the day, when you may feel off, may feel anxious, take a look att his piece and ask your self how would you rather feel right now, are you in alignment? Is it too tight? Can you breathe?


36"x 48"

mixed media on wood

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