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96 Days

96 Days

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96 Days

Unraveling the love that was once hide by the pressure of the grip, for so long those colors have been buried, so deep into the fabric of who you are, that you forgot they were there. You forgot your magic. 

Now as the grip loses its power over you, allowing life to emerge again, like a seed seeking sunlight, or maybe, like someone that was drowning, trying to swing back to the source, to breathe again. 

You allow, you remember you, you start to heal.

96 days it took for the tears to stop, for the fears to shut up, at least for long enough that your self-love cocoon started to emerge again, colors reacting to the light, laughter, joy. 

You unpacked it all, allow your self to breathe, allow your colors to shine. 


Time to set your self free. 

24"x 48"

mixed media on wood

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