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One Love, the illusion of separation

One Love, the illusion of separation

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You have this amazing, colorful heart, capable of loving, forgiving and protecting. However, you focus on the gap, you focus on what's missing and all the colors go away.

All we see is the darkness, the gap between both paintings, it begins to swallow you with its irresistible call for complacency and misery.

But not today, Satan!

As you start to look at the heart, you start to remember, remember who you are, that you are loved, that you are colorful, that, yes, maybe not perfect, well definitely not perfect, however..... how amazing is it to be you!

Colorful, bold and broken in all the right places, scars that tell stories, like badges of honor, good times we say now, and that once was a gap, that scar maybe was a dark place before, it hurt, it's on your chest, leg, face, arm, belly, neck.... 

And here you are, beautiful as ever.... and when we look in the mirror we will see us whole, one, one love, for all of our broken pieces, one love, your love. 

24"x30" Each canvas, total width 60" 

24"x 60" 

Acrylic, spray paint on canvas 

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