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Forget About It

Forget About It

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Just Forget about it!! 

Here is the opportunity to check in with your self at the end of a tuff day, or experience.

Now how do you do that?? Do you choose to get all fucked up, just a couple drinks you say, I deserve it, after all, today sucked, so let me escape all that by numbing my self up for a few hours, that will fix it, I will just forget it about it, I will whore my mind to some Netflix and chill, I will add some pills , weed on top of it too, my day fucking sucked, I just wanna check out for a few..... every night... i need it 


Do you have the awareness to know that NOW is al we have and that choosing to forget about it is basically is just releasing all that pent up energy, or pre conceived idea of how it's supposed to be. As you can see in his thought bubble there is nothing there, so I invite you to be present and just let it go, allow your life path to run its course without your assumptions of how you think it should be. 

We always have a choice.

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24" x 30" Mixed media on Canvas


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