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100 Weeks

100 Weeks

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For 100 Weeks the catalyst traveled through this chaotic landscape. 

Its mission was to heal and nurture its host, the catalyst sent to that challenge was the best one we had. Trained for years and battle tested several times, it was deployed in confidence. 

It happens once or twice in this line of work that the host, even tho the aid was requested and agreed upon, the host rejects our nano healing bots deployed by the Catalyst ship. We were not prepared for this environment or the challenged presented. 

The abyss of sorrow and trauma was so deep and dark, the wounds were like rivers, crying perpetually, even the self inflicted pain created by this powerful host was not enough to subside the terror coming from down under.

We learned about our limitations, and the mission was aborted. The catalyst returned back to base for repairs.



36" x 48"

Mixed Media on Wood

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