ZON Carvalho is a Brazilian born fine artist, currently based in Arizona, He creates vibrant street style art, working in mixed media including acrylic, aerosol and paint markers, to name a few.

His work explores the human condition, such as our fears, perceptions and dreams


His years of studies in personal development have inspired his direction towards creating art to empower individuals to ask better questions, and create change in their lives.

I was influenced by the street art in São Paulo, Brazil, where I was born and raised. 

I use acrylic, spray paint and markers, because of the vibrancy of their colors and  fast drying time,  allowing  me to create multiple layers of colors and textures that simulate an urban vibe. 

I start by lightly sketching, covering the surface with colors until the shapes start to reveal themselves, and the story begins to form.

The main subjects are usually figurative and iconic images, charged with color and movement. My intention is to overwhelm the viewer with energy and color, a visual punch to the chest that will take your breath away.

I want to remind the viewer of the energy and power we all have within,  and to spark joy and create excitement.

My art is fueled by the thought that life was meant to be enjoyed and celebrated, as is illustrates the experiences and stories we all have in common.


It was back in 1996, as I was going through a divorce, and life was confusing and so full of choices. 

One day, me and some friends were driving through a ruff neighborhood, it was mid-morning on a regular week day. 

As we traveled through those blocks, a little more alert than normal, I started to think about the choices they all made in life, I wondered how did they get here, how did it get so bad, when did it start?

I was observing all those faces and the pain reflected all around them in that environment of broken dreams. 

I knew the next choices I was about to make would determine the quality of my future. 

That's when the music got louder in the car, and the singer blared out" YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIVE IN FEAR, LIFE WAS MEANT TO BE AWESOME". 

The light finally turned green, and at that moment, as I looked forward, I saw a park, so beautiful and green, the sun looked warm and inviting, I knew I was choosing the right path as we drove away. 

Since that day, this phrase has stayed with me, for 29 years I have created many designs, merch, paintings and the hashtag #lifewasmeantobeawesome one or 2 "t"s.

My intention is to invite the viewer to feel the warmth of the sun like I did that day, maybe through the brightness of my colors and the boldness of my shapes and lines, always inviting you to pursue your path, to believe it's possible. As I boldly, have dared, to do it my self with my art. I believe that "Life Was Meant To Be Awesome".

We just gotta act like it.