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Catalyst 1

Catalyst 1

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As of every object of change, the catalyst travels with a goal, a mission.

To find neurons that are either miss firing or have all together stoped working. They scout the areas of your brain, looking for a way in, looking for a way to break the patterns. 

They were deployed by you, all the responsibility lies in your own hands, you sent them into your own mind in order to create a new pattern, to break an old habit, to disrupt what no longer servers you. 

The questions is always the same, Great, Now What? are you ready to deal with the havoc created by these awareness nano bots? Are you gonna show up and make the change thats needed? Sure you say you will, because most do, until the high wears off and the work part of it comes in. 

Allow, let them do their job, that you hired them for, and allow, for the winds of change and the technology embedded into your codes get their work done. All you gotta do is show up. 


36" x 48"

Mixed media on canvas


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