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Oasis 2

Oasis 2

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Funny story. 

I had a giant roll of canvas, the wall was ready, the tearing noise sized just right, the staple gun secured it in place. Let's go!!

Paint flying around, music loud, perfect sativa, but wait... it's not, ahem.....

Upon further inspection, I realized why the paint and water were not creating the smooth flowing gradients I was aiming for, I had hung the canvas..... backwards!!!! I was painting or RAW canvas! Unprimed, thick and felt like 80 grit sand paper. 

Well then, what an opportunity!!! 

This abstract looking flower landscape oasis emerged from the gritty surface as I battled with my brushes to push the paint deeper into that texture, and be transported to the new realm of energy at Oasis 2.


44"x 48" Mixed Media on RAW Canvas

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